MATLAB and Simulink Requirements

Product Requirements & Platform Availability for Automated Driving Toolbox

Supported Platforms

Mac, Windows, Linux

Product Requirements

  • Requires MATLAB
  • Requires Computer Vision Toolbox
  • Requires Image Processing Toolbox
  • Simulink recommended
  • Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox recommended
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox is required for functions that support GPU computing: vehicleDetectorFasterRCNN, fastRCNNObjectDetectorMonoCamera, and fasterRCNNObjectDetectorMonoCamera.
  • Unreal Engine-based simulation and visualization only runs in Windows.
  • Deep Learning Toolbox required for the vehicleDetectorFasterRCNN function

Eligible for Use with MATLAB Compiler and Simulink Compiler


Eligible for Use with Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Parallel Server


Introduced in R2017a

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