Video and Webinar Series

Modular Apps in MATLAB

In this series, we are teaching modularization techniques to efficiently develop advanced applications in MATLAB and App Designer.

Maintenance and scalability can become challenging as your apps grow. This is especially true for applications written as one single app file. Modularizing will enable your advanced apps to be scalable, robust, testable, and well-organized.

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Training: Advanced MATLAB Application Development

Consulting: Software Development with MATLAB

What Is Modular Development? Get an overview of modularization techniques for advanced applications.

How to Develop a Model Class for your Data and Algorithms See how to develop data models, which makes it easy to do unit testing and keep code stable and accessible.

How to Develop Custom Charts and Components for your App Learn how to build specialized data visualizations and components and how they help modularize MATLAB apps.

Part 4: Creating a View or Controller That References a Model Class Learn how to utilize a model class with custom components or charts.

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