App Designer

Create desktop and web apps in MATLAB

App Components

In addition to standard components such as buttons, check boxes, trees, and dropdown lists, App Designer provides controls such as gauges, lamps, knobs, and switches that let you replicate the look and actions of instrumentation panels. Use 2D and 3D plots, as well as tables, to present results in your app. You can also use container components, such as tabs and panels, to organize your graphical user interface (GUI).

Building Your App

App Designer integrates the two primary tasks of app building – laying out the visual components of a graphical user interface (GUI) and programming app behavior. Simply drag and drop visual components to the design canvas and use alignment hints to get a precise layout. App Designer automatically generates object-oriented code that specifies your app’s layout and design. You can then use an integrated version of the MATLAB Editor to define your app’s behavior.

You can use GUIDE to App Designer Migration Tool to migrate your existing GUIDE apps to App Designer. 

Sharing Web and Desktop Apps

Share apps with others – even if they don't have MATLAB. Install apps into the MATLAB desktop or create standalone desktop or web apps with MATLAB Compiler.

Examples and Resources

Get started today by running a tutorial in App Designer, reviewing one the examples below, or migrating your existing GUIDE apps to App Designer.