Software Development with MATLAB

MATLAB provides a fully featured development environment for building sophisticated applications and user interfaces to execute models and algorithms and visualize and explore results. MathWorks Consulting Services works with engineers, analysts, and programmers to apply software development techniques and best practices on their code and projects to produce robust, scalable, flexible, and reusable applications which can be distributed across entire organizations.

MATLAB software development

Rapid Application Development

MathWorks Consultants kick-start your application development by working with you to write resilient and reusable software components, port legacy tools and code into MATLAB, and prepare code for deployment as MATLAB Apps, toolboxes, executables, and web services. We train you on MATLAB application development and object-oriented programming. MathWorks consultants can also recommend processes and tools for distributing in-house toolboxes within enterprise settings.

Application Design and Architecture

We advise you in structuring your software so that it can be extended and maintained over time. We conduct design and code reviews of your MATLAB software, and coach you on the use of well-established design patterns so different teams can readily understand, navigate, and collaborate within your shared code base.

Code Performance and Reliability

As application complexity and data sizes increase, maintaining the performance and reliability of code becomes challenging. MathWorks Consultants help you spot early potential performance code bottlenecks, and adopt defensive programming and unit testing to reduce user errors or unintended behaviour bugs.

Data Visualization and User Interfaces

MathWorks Consultants help you create advanced visualizations and animations of multi-dimensional and time-varying data. We show you how to embed these visualizations within a responsive user interface which enable users to drill-down and explore data in different formats to gain deeper insight.

MathWorks Consulting Services helps you to:

  • Develop responsive MATLAB applications with rich data visualizations
  • Design and structure software for rapid development and long-term extensibility and maintenance
  • Increase performance and reliability of code through unit testing
  • Increase componentisation and reuse of code to avoid duplication of effort

"The algorithms we developed in MATLAB and deployed as applications with help from MathWorks Consultants have enabled us to obtain quantitative analysis results, avoid human error, collaborate more effectively, reproduce results reliably, and double the number of feasibility studies completed yearly."

Ryuta Saito Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma