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Calculate Mean of vector in more decimals
3.3333 is only the display of the variable 'ans'. The result of the calculation has better accuracy. Type format long and you ...

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Conditional Question Matlab Disagreement
I think you are right and your teacher is wrong. MATLAB evaluates this expression from the left to the right (see chapter "Oper...

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Is there a 64 bit version of Matlab 2015a available for download?
Dont't worry about the labeling of the button for downloading in the MathWorks homepage. If you are running the installing appli...

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How to set a sample time in a Discrete Transfer Fcn??
Per default the sample time of this block is (-1). This means the sample time is inherited from the signal at the input of the b...

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Code generation with Embedded Coder
I think this is an issue of the block reduction optimization. In the configuration parameters move to Simulation Target --> ......

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Target Language Compiler (TLC) alternatives for custom inline L2 sfunctions in Simulink.
As far as I know there is no possibility to generate C/C++ code from a Level -2 MATLAB S-Function without writing an associated ...

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Datetime arithmetic in simulink
You can do some arithmetics with datetime data type. For your example it is possible to add a duration to a datetime. dt0 = dat...

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Matrix array in a strange format
Your matrix "val" is a sparse matrix. You can convert it to a full storage matrix with the function "full". A = full(val)

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how to find unconnect goto block and from block in the simulink model use script
I think you should find a matching of the "GotoTag" in Goto blocks and From blocks. First find all your Goto and From blocks in...

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How to change horizontal alignment of column names in UITable
I know I can use the uistyle function to change the horizontal alignment of text of each cell of an UITable. But I am struggling...

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