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Code generation with Embedded Coder

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Akshaya on 7 Sep 2023
Commented: Akshaya on 7 Sep 2023
I am using Embedded Coder for generating C/C++ code for the first time. However, to start with easy, I created a simple simulink model to find sum of two number. After the model, has been created, I tried to convert the model to C code using Embedded Coder. However, during this process, even though MATLAB is generating some .h and .c files, I am still missing the logic for sum of two numbers in the generated C code.
Am I missing something? Please find the scrrensshot attached.
Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance! :)

Answers (1)

Michael on 7 Sep 2023
I think this is an issue of the block reduction optimization.
In the configuration parameters move to Simulation Target --> ... (Advanced parameters) and disable the "Block reduction". Then you get functionality in your code even for such simple models.
Akshaya on 7 Sep 2023
Thanks for the quick response! It works! :)
Akshaya on 7 Sep 2023
Just as a next step, I was about to create an executable for TI Hercules board, which MATLAB supports.
However, I wanted to know if we need to specify path for the compiler for TI?
I got the following error during the process.

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