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Is there a 64 bit version of Matlab 2015a available for download?

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The link
only provides access to a 32 bit version. Is there a 64 bit version available?

Answers (1)

Michael on 16 Oct 2023
Dont't worry about the labeling of the button for downloading in the MathWorks homepage. If you are running the installing application you can choose if you get the 32 bit version, 64 bit version or both.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Oct 2023
On the download page, after having selected R2015aSp1 , towards the upper middle in the area "I WANT TO" select "Get ISOs and DMGs"
Note: you might not be permitted to get an ISO if you are not the owner of your license.
Chris Koen
Chris Koen on 17 Oct 2023
Thank you, I got a 64-bit installer off an older PC and used that.
I noted that selecting "Get ISOs and DMGs" still left me with
the same 32-bit Windows option.

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