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Datetime arithmetic in simulink

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MP on 25 Aug 2023
Commented: Michael on 25 Aug 2023
Hello, is it possible to do datetime arithmetic in simulink? Eventually, the code may be autogenerated to C++.
for example, in matlab i would do:
dt0 = datetime([year month day hour min sec])
increment = 0.5 % seconds
dt1 = dt + seconds(increment);

Answers (1)

Michael on 25 Aug 2023
You can do some arithmetics with datetime data type. For your example it is possible to add a duration to a datetime.
dt0 = datetime([2023 8 25 11 47 3]) % a point in time
dt0 = datetime
25-Aug-2023 11:47:03
increment = duration(0,0,5) % a duration of 5 seconds
increment = duration
dt1 = dt0 + increment % a 5 seconds later point in time
dt1 = datetime
25-Aug-2023 11:47:08
MP on 25 Aug 2023
I need to compute UTC time to feed into a simulink aerospace toolbox block over the course of a simulation.
I suppose i can use the julian date conversion block and first convert to julian date which would give a double-type and increment that value.
Michael on 25 Aug 2023
I am not familar with the Aerospace Blockset but according to documentation the Julian date conversion block supports only data type double on its inputs and its outputs. I don't see the nessity or possibility to deal with data type datetime or duration. But maybe it is possible to write a function within a MATLAB Function block with double inputs and double outputs where you convert those doubles into datetime and/or duration and convert the results back to doubles. But I am not sure if that is what you want

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