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How to set a sample time in a Discrete Transfer Fcn??

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I'm following the training of Simulink fundamentals, and I'm stucked trying to set the sample time on the parameters. Is not showing me that option to set it. I attached an image for you to view. Please I need some help with this is the only task that is left to end the course. Thanks in advance.
Henrique on 6 Oct 2023
Yes, I had the same problem.
Matlab gives some explanation at "".
The workaround by promoting the parameter worked for me. You can read more about promoting the parameter at ""

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Accepted Answer

Oren Savir
Oren Savir on 29 Oct 2023
I also got stuck with this problem.
but here is the solution:
Click the block (discrete transfer function)
Go to Model Explorer
change to default from the dropdown menu
Add SampleTime to objects visible:
Then click at bottom on paremter value and change -1 to Ts.
Exit Model Explorer
Clicking the block now includes the Sample Time option.
Zhaolun Ding
Zhaolun Ding on 5 Feb 2024
There is a easier way to solve this, go to model data editor, scroll down to find the discrete transfer function, then click on the the third column from the right which is sample time, change it from -1 to Ts
Cagri Namal
Cagri Namal on 24 Feb 2024
Thanks, I had to do it a bit different. After changing "column view" to default, I clicked "show details" at the right, and scrolled down to find SampleTime, then double-clicked to make it edtiable and changed it to Ts for discrete transfer funct.

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More Answers (3)

Subhrajeet on 28 Feb 2024
Step1 : Go to Model Explorer and change the Column view to Default.
Step2: Search SampleTime under the search section and double click on the SampleTime, and then the SampleTime will come under "Display column names" section.
Step3: Then see the buttom of the page, The columns will appear [Name, BlockType, SampleTime].
Step4: Then double click on Discrete Filter -> Sample Time to what ever you want.
(See the attached pdf for the Complete Solution)

Michael on 3 Oct 2023
Per default the sample time of this block is (-1). This means the sample time is inherited from the signal at the input of the block. It is documented at the end of the help page of "Discrete Transfer Fcn" in the chapter "Version History"

Hassaan on 9 Feb 2024
Edited: Hassaan on 9 Feb 2024
@MathWorks Support Team I am having the same issue and stuck on this part. None of the solutions worked for me.
Could @MathWorks Support Team please update the training material?
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