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Localization Algorithms

Particle filters, scan matching, Monte Carlo localization, pose graphs, odometry

Localization algorithms, like Monte Carlo localization and scan matching, estimate your pose in a known map using range sensor or lidar readings. Pose graphs track your estimated poses and can be optimized based on edge constraints and loop closures. For simultaneous localization and mapping, see SLAM.


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stateEstimatorPFCreate particle filter state estimator
getStateEstimateExtract best state estimate and covariance from particles
predictPredict state of robot in next time step
correctAdjust state estimate based on sensor measurement
matchScansEstimate pose between two laser scans
matchScansGridEstimate pose between two lidar scans using grid-based search
matchScansLineEstimate pose between two laser scans using line features
transformScanTransform laser scan based on relative pose
lidarScanCreate object for storing 2-D lidar scan
monteCarloLocalizationLocalize robot using range sensor data and map
lidarScanCreate object for storing 2-D lidar scan
getParticlesGet particles from localization algorithm
odometryMotionModelCreate an odometry motion model
likelihoodFieldSensorModelCreate a likelihood field range sensor model
resamplingPolicyPFCreate resampling policy object with resampling settings
poseGraph Create 2-D pose graph
poseGraph3D Create 3-D pose graph
poseplot3-D pose plot
addPointLandmarkAdd landmark point node to pose graph
addRelativePoseAdd relative pose to pose graph
edgeNodePairsEdge node pairs in pose graph
edgeConstraintsEdge constraints in pose graph
edgeResidualErrorsCompute pose graph edge residual errors
findEdgeIDFind edge ID of edge
nodeEstimatesPoses of nodes in pose graph
optimizePoseGraphOptimize nodes in pose graph
removeEdgesRemove loop closure edges from graph
showPlot pose graph
trimLoopClosuresOptimize pose graph and remove bad loop closures
factorGraphBipartite graph of factors and nodes
factorGraphSolverOptionsSolver options for factor graph
importFactorGraphImport factor graph from g2o log file
factorIMUConvert IMU readings to factor
factorIMUParametersFactor IMU parameters
factorGPSFactor for GPS measurement
factorTwoPoseSE2Factor relating two SE(2) poses
factorTwoPoseSE3Factor relating two SE(3) poses
factorPoseSE2AndPointXYFactor relating SE(2) position and 2-D point
factorPoseSE3AndPointXYZFactor relating SE(3) position and 3-D point
factorIMUBiasPriorPrior factor for IMU bias
factorVelocity3PriorPrior factor for 3-D velocity
factorPoseSE3PriorFull-state prior factor for SE(3) pose
factorCameraSE3AndPointXYZFactor relating SE(3) camera pose and 3-D point
estimateGravityRotationEstimate gravity rotation using IMU measurements and factor graph optimization
estimateGravityRotationAndPoseScaleEstimate gravity rotation and pose scale using IMU measurements and factor graph optimization
wheelEncoderOdometryAckermannCompute Ackermann vehicle odometry using wheel encoder ticks and steering angle
wheelEncoderOdometryBicycleCompute bicycle odometry using wheel encoder ticks and steering angle
wheelEncoderOdometryDifferentialDriveCompute differential-drive vehicle odometry using wheel encoder ticks
wheelEncoderOdometryUnicycleCompute unicycle odometry using wheel encoder ticks and angular velocity