Logic Analyzer

What Is Logic Analyzer?

Logic Analyzer is a MATLAB® app that serves as a virtual instrument for displaying multiple digital and analog signals. You can use when performing simulations with MATLAB and Simulink® or when performing live testing on development boards with FPGA Data Capture. You can use Logic Analyzer to visualize, measure, and inspect transitions and states over time for multichannel signals or streaming data.

With Logic Analyzer, you can examine system behavior by analyzing multiple waveforms, timing information, and states in a customized window display or scope. Logic Analyzer displays time-aligned logic waveforms, bus transitions, and analog signals for examining the input and output characteristics of digital and mixed-signal systems. This analysis can be especially helpful when you are debugging models targeted for HDL implementation on FPGA and SoC boards or performing ASIC prototyping.

Screenshot of the Logic Analyzer app with toolstrip

Logic Analyzer can display digital signals in analog format, such as this 12-bit ADC output signal.

Using Logic Analyzer, you can debug and analyze models, display and correlate multiple signals simultaneously, detect and analyze timing violations, trace system execution, and detect signal changes using triggers.

Available with HDL Verifier™, DSP System Toolbox™, and SoC Blockset™, Logic Analyzer provides several properties and features including:

  • Support for a variety of input data types
  • Analog and digital data display formats
  • Data viewing with a variety of radices: binary, hex, octal, and signed/unsigned decimal for fixed point
  • Sample time control
  • Timing cursors
  • Time span and offset
  • Channel font size and color

For more information on Logic Analyzer, see its reference documentation pages in DSP System Toolbox, SoC Blockset, and HDL Verifier.

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