Polyspace Bug Finder

Identify software bugs via static analysis

Automated Static Analysis  

Find hundreds of classes of bugs including run-time errors, concurrency issues, and other coding defects in C/C++.

Coding Rules  

Enforce MISRA C, MISRA C++, JSF++, and custom rules.

Security Standards

Check security vulnerabilities and standards: CWE, CERT-C, ISO/IEC 17961, and others.

Code Metrics

Collect metrics at the project, file, and function levels including cyclomatic complexity, stack usage, and HIS metrics.

Product Capabilities

Find bugs early in development

Identify defects as soon as code is written or modified.

Meet requirements for certification

Comply to ISO 26262, DO-178, IEC 61508, EN 50128, FDA, and others.

Find the root cause of complex bugs

See your code in a debugger-like view with event traces, variable values, and call trees.

Check multithreaded code

Detect data race, deadlock, double lock, missing lock, and other issues.

Trace code analysis to Simulink models

Trace findings to the source model block for generated code.

Meet security requirements

Comply to CERT C, ISO 17961, MISRA C:2012 Amendment, and CWE.

Set and measure software quality objectives

Define pass/fail quality thresholds for software team collaboration and project milestones.

Configure for any run-time environment

Integrate with any compiler, target processor, RTOS environment, and continuous integration system.

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