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MATLAB to TI C2000 F28379D data exchange
To communicate with Simulink/MATLAB from F28379D Launchpad, you can use the USB serial interface available on the hardware. For ...

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c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu1_ert ....I got this link from matlab example code.It is about field oriental control of pmsm motors using delfino 28379d microcontroller.When i paste this link in my command window the model does not open.
F28379D motor control example (c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu1_ert and c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu2_ert) is available from R2018a release onl...

bijna 2 jaar ago | 0

Use persistan variable in Matlab Function with C2000 CLA
Hi Alexander, You can use global data using data store memory in MATLAB Function blocks. use below links for more details. ...

bijna 3 jaar ago | 0

How to assign to F28379D GPIO29 for SPI Master transfer block at external mode?
Hi Michael, You found a bug in the software which we will fix in the next support package update. External mode is assuming G...

ongeveer 3 jaar ago | 0

Serial Send / Serial Receive in Simulink with a TI C2000 MCU
Hi Armin, Instrument Control Toolbox blocks should work perfectly for your usecase. As you are sending only one int16, data s...

meer dan 3 jaar ago | 0

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I have some errors with the code generation
Hi Vincent, In releases R2015b and older you have to run checkEnvSetup command to configure the environment properly. Looks l...

ongeveer 4 jaar ago | 0

C2000 SVPWM with Simulink Error
Hi, Error message you are getting is about insufficient memory. On TI C2000 processors, there are two different options: 1...

meer dan 4 jaar ago | 1

Problem during installation of support for TI C2000
Hi, This was a compatibility issue with latest version of controlSUITE. This is fixed in the latest version (16.1.3) of TI C2...

meer dan 4 jaar ago | 0

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how to configure F28377D from C2000 family in embedded coder
Hi Miguel, F28377D is only supported using the ert.tlc system target file which is the latest recommended way for hardware su...

meer dan 4 jaar ago | 0

How do I fix rtiostream_serial_c28x.c?
Hi John, This issue is due to the difference in the register definition for SCIFFTX_BITS in TI ControlSUITE file F2837xS_sci....

bijna 5 jaar ago | 1

C2000 ePWM block on Simulink to trigger two ADC channels?
Hi Solomon, For F28377S processor there is no simultaneous sampling option. But you can achieve the same using 2 ADC modules. Y...

bijna 5 jaar ago | 0

Why the External Model of c28x_serial_ext.slx doesn't work?
Hi Shiming Liu, By default example model is configured for F28335 control card with XDS 100 debug interface. If you are using...

ongeveer 5 jaar ago | 1

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MATLAB R2014b support TI C2000 Launchpad Delfino F28377S
Hi, F28377S is supported in R2015b onwards. In 15b, basic code generation support and the following blocks are supported: PWM...

ongeveer 5 jaar ago | 1

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Hi Leo, MATLAB is using CCS Debug Server to load code to the target hardware. From the error message, it looks like connectio...

ongeveer 5 jaar ago | 0

what is the difference between ert.tlc model and idelink_ert.tlc model?
For C2000 processors 2 workflows are supported, 1. Using ert.tlc : all new targets are supported with this system target file. ...

ongeveer 6 jaar ago | 1