Problem 154. Reverse Boggle


In the classic Parker Brothers game Boggle, players find words from a 4x4 game board of letters. This exercise is to make sure that a particular solution to a boggle board is actually available on the board.

The program does not need to check to make sure if the input word is a valid english word. Furthermore, all inputs will be in all uppercase, so the user does not need to check/convert for case differences. The game board will always be 4x4.

Note: This does not perfectly align with the rules of Boggle. Specifically, all solutions in the original game must be 3 or more letters, which this problem is not asking to account for, and the atomic "Qu" is present (which I have avoided in the test suite).

Happy MATLABing!


    x = ['TIPE'
    y = 'RACIEST';
    TF = true;

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