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Thanks for the suggestions. I really did not want the problem to expel-out the solution that it is "asking for", but let players figure that out from the description given in "To pass this problem you must be exactly correct in at least 10% of the testsuite cases". I understand this can feel misleading, but the point was to make this problem more like a "escape room" puzzle than an straight up homework problem. And regarding the "incorrect" test cases, the tests are probabilistic, so of course in some of them your "optimal" solution will not get the number of samples right, but that is perfectly fine, 10% success rate is all that is expected/required to pass this problem

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on 8 Oct 2019

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please clarify the problem statement, in particular the "but minimum" bit seems somewhat puzzling...

on 7 Mar 2019

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on 23 Feb 2019

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