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802.11n/ac (Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5)

Receive 802.11n/ac (HT and VHT) waveforms

Model HT- and VHT-related signal reception functionality.


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wlanPacketDetectEstimate timing offset of OFDM packet
wlanFormatDetectDetect packet format
wlanSymbolTimingEstimateFine symbol timing estimate using L-LTF
wlanCoarseCFOEstimatePerform coarse CFO estimation
wlanFineCFOEstimatePerform fine CFO estimation
wlanSampleRateNominal sample rate
wlanLLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using L-LTF
wlanLLTFNoiseEstimateNoise estimation using L-LTF and S1G-LTF1 (Since R2023a)
wlanVHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using VHT-LTF
wlanHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using HT-LTF
wlanLLTFDemodulateDemodulate L-LTF waveform
wlanVHTLTFDemodulateDemodulate VHT-LTF waveform
wlanHTLTFDemodulateDemodulate HT-LTF waveform
wlanVHTOFDMInfoOFDM information for VHT transmission
wlanHTOFDMInfoOFDM information for HT transmission
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanLSIGBitRecoverRecover information bits in L-SIG field
wlanLSIGRecoverRecover L-SIG information bits
wlanInterpretScramblerStateRecover bandwidth signaling from initial scrambler state (Since R2020b)
wlanVHTSIGARecoverRecover VHT-SIG-A information bits
wlanVHTSIGBRecoverRecover VHT-SIG-B information bits
wlanHTSIGRecoverRecover HT-SIG information bits
wlanHTDataRecoverRecover bits from HT-Data field
wlanVHTDataRecoverRecover bits from VHT-Data field
wlanScrambleScramble and descramble binary input sequence
wlanConstellationDemapConstellation demapping
wlanStreamDeparseStream-deparse spatial streams
wlanBCCDecodeConvolutionally decode input data
wlanBCCDeinterleaveDeinterleave binary convolutionally interleaved input
wlanSegmentDeparseBitsSegment-deparse data bits
wlanSegmentParseSymbolsSegment-parse data subcarriers
wlanAMPDUDeaggregateDeaggregate A-MPDU and extract MPDUs
wlanMPDUDecodeDecode MPDU
displayIEsDisplay list of IEs in MAC management frame


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