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Display list of IEs in MAC management frame



displayIEs(cfg) displays the list of information elements (IEs) in WLAN MAC management frame parameterized by frame-body configuration object cfg. Each row consists of the element ID, element extension ID (if present), and the information. The element ID and element extension ID are integers in the interval [0, 255]. The IEs are displayed in hexadecimal format with the prefix 0x.


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Create a WLAN MAC management frame-body configuration object with default settings. Display the information elements of the object using the displayIEs object function.

cfg = wlanMACManagementConfig;
Element ID: 0, Information: 0x64656661756C742053534944
Element ID: 1, Information: 0x8C98B0

Input Arguments

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WLAN MAC management frame-body configuration, specified as a wlanMACManagementConfig object.

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Version History

Introduced in R2019a

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