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Profile Editor

Create and manage profiles with stereotypes and properties

Since R2019a


The Profile Editor allows you to define a profile that contains stereotypes with properties. In System Composer™ architecture models, stereotyping is necessary to define custom metadata on model elements typed by the stereotype. In Requirements Toolbox™, you can use stereotypes to define custom requirement types and link types with custom properties.

  • System Composer: Apply a profile to your model or interface data dictionary. Then, use stereotypes in the model to type model elements such as components, connectors, ports, interfaces, functions, requirement sets, and link sets. Functions only apply to software architectures. You can define custom property values on each element using the stereotyped template.

  • Requirements Toolbox: Apply a profile to a requirement set or link set. Then use stereotypes by setting the requirement type or link type to the stereotype and setting the stereotype properties to your desired values.

Profile Editor Tool

Open the Profile Editor

System Composer

  • System Composer toolstrip: In the Modeling tab, click Profile Editor.

  • MATLAB® Command Window: Enter systemcomposer.profile.editor.

Requirements Toolbox

  • Requirements Editor toolstrip: Click Profile Editor .


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Filter imported profiles:

  • <all> to show all imported profiles from all loaded models and dictionaries.

  • A model name, such as model.slx, to show all imported profiles from specified architecture model.

  • An interface data dictionary, such as dictionary.sldd, to show all imported profiles from specified interface data dictionary.

  • <refresh> to refresh profiles from all loaded models and dictionaries.

Specify the name of a model or interface data dictionary to which to import the selected profile.

Stereotype to apply to the root architecture after importing profile into a model. Choose from a list of available stereotypes. The root architecture is at the system boundary of the top-level model that separates the contents of the model from the environment.

Element type to which the stereotype can be applied.

Stereotype from which the stereotype inherits properties. Choose from a list of available stereotypes.

Select this check box to indicate an abstract stereotype. An abstract stereotype is a stereotype that is not intended to be applied directly to a model element. You can use abstract stereotypes only as the base stereotype for other stereotypes.

Select this check box to indicate whether to display read-only properties inherited from a base stereotype.

Programmatic Use

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systemcomposer.profile.editor opens the Profile Editor from the MATLAB Command Window.

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Version History

Introduced in R2019a