Uniform Distribution (Continuous)

Evaluate and generate random samples from continuous uniform distribution


makedistCreate probability distribution object
cdfCumulative distribution function
icdfInverse cumulative distribution function
iqrInterquartile range
meanMean of probability distribution
medianMedian of probability distribution
pdfProbability density function
randomRandom numbers
stdStandard deviation of probability distribution
truncateTruncate probability distribution object
varVariance of probability distribution
unifcdfContinuous uniform cumulative distribution function
unifpdfContinuous uniform probability density function
unifinvContinuous uniform inverse cumulative distribution function
unifitContinuous uniform parameter estimates
unifstatContinuous uniform mean and variance
unifrndContinuous uniform random numbers


UniformDistributionUniform probability distribution object


Uniform Distribution (Continuous)

The uniform distribution (also called the rectangular distribution) is notable because it has a constant probability distribution function between its two bounding parameters.

Generate Random Numbers Using Uniform Distribution Inversion

This example shows how to generate random numbers using the uniform distribution inversion method.