Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

MathWorks encourages careful and responsible stewardship of the environment at work and home. We support environmental sustainability through programs focused on recycling, improvements in energy efficiency, resource management, and facilities design.


MathWorks has an ongoing waste reduction and energy-conservation program in our offices to reduce our carbon footprint. Recent building projects at our UK office and at our corporate headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, emphasized environmental sustainability. Sustainable building features include lighting systems and solar panels designed to save energy and reduce emissions, electric car charging stations in renovated parking facilities, low-emission building materials, and smart building management systems.

The MathWorks UK office has installed water conservation features, including rainwater irrigation tanks and a rooftop rainwater harvesting system, to cut water usage by up to 30%.

Staff Awareness Programs

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our business operations. Recent campaigns focused on reducing waste in kitchens, copy rooms, and cafeterias.

A volunteer staff team, called GreenWorkers, promotes events to increase awareness of and share best practices on energy-saving devices, conservation strategies, and commuting alternatives such as carpooling, public transportation, and bike-to-work days.


MathWorks has a range of recycling programs in place in our facilities and continues to seek opportunities to expand their scope. We currently recycle office supplies including paper, printer cartridges, and batteries, and actively seek suppliers who utilize reclaimed or recycled materials. In addition, the company sponsors electronics recycling events where tons of personal and business equipment—ranging from computers to cell phones to televisions—are donated for recycling and reuse.