Local Community Support


We support the vitality of the communities in which we work by contributing to organizations that help develop and enrich our cities and towns and by participating in local initiatives.

MathWorks Community Grant Program

Through the MathWorks Community Grant Program, we reach out to and support the communities in which we work. We consider programs and organizations that benefit the local community, especially those that inspire learning and education.

Public Broadcasting

In the Boston area, we sponsor WBUR-FM and WGBH-TV. MathWorks is lead sponsor of WBUR-FM's Here and Now program, which is syndicated by National Public Radio. Our Corporate Pledge Nights at WGBH-TV are exciting fundraising events that staff members look forward to participating in each year.


MathWorks supports scholarship programs for university-bound students in our local communities who plan to study engineering, math, or science.

Local STEM Institutions

MathWorks is proud to support institutions and organizations that inspire interest in science, technology, engineering, and math within our local communities. These partnerships include: