Release 2016a Highlights

R2016a includes updates to MATLAB, Simulink, and 83 other products.

There are many new features in the MATLAB product family. The Live Editor provides a new way to create and run MATLAB programs. Your live scripts can be shared as interactive documents. App Designer allows you to design and program interactive applications. You can visualize data and equations with new plotting functions, and pause your running MATLAB programs. New toolbox functionality lets you use deep learning for image classification, and optimize trading performance through transaction cost analysis.

Updates to apps include: The training of multiple classification models, improved interactive tuning of SISO controllers, model-order reduction, and optical character recognition training.

There is also new hardware support for Kinect version 2 and USB3 Vision.

Enhancements to the Simulink product family include: A new start page and automatic solver to set up and simulate your models faster, simulation of systems that target heterogeneous embedded devices, the ability to visualize and check units more easily, and new blocks for defining and propagating variants and visualizing flight conditions.

Use the new discrete-event simulation engine and block library to dynamically schedule your embedded software. You can also perform sensitivity analysis of Simulink models, and use three-way merge to resolve conflicts between model revisions.

In addition, the Simscape product family has advanced its equation reduction and simulation technology, enabled run-time parameter tuning in generated code, and added a new thermal liquid library.

There are feature enhancements and two new products that can help you with wireless and audio system design.

You can also take advantage of code generation and verification improvements including new medical standards support in the IEC Certification Kit.

Explore the new capabilities in R2016a, and download the latest versions of your products now.

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