Release 2015a Highlights

R2015a includes updates to MATLAB and Simulink, as well as four new products.

Significant enhancements to signal processing and wireless communications products make it easier for everyone to analyze signals.

You can perform antenna-to-bits simulation, over-the-air testing, and smart RF design - and develop real-time DSP algorithms for streaming audio devices and smart sensors.

Simulink features new graphical controls and displays for tuning your simulations.

You can also share Simulink projects using GitHub, email, or as a packaged custom toolbox.

You can run your model faster using a just-in-time compilation for MATLAB function blocks and Stateflow charts.

Updates to the MATLAB product family include the new Classification Learner app, which you can use to perform supervised machine learning.

MATLAB Compiler SDK consolidates and extends application deployment functionality. You can use it to build software components that can be integrated with other programming languages.

You can also test and debug application code before deploying it to web and enterprise systems.

Your custom toolbox documentation can now be integrated directly within the MATLAB Help Browser.

For data-intensive applications, you can scale mapreduce algorithms to run on clusters with MATLAB Parallel Server.

This release also introduces:

  • New MATLAB and Simulink hardware support packages,
  • Optimized algorithm libraries for Arm-Cortex A,
  • As well as support for IP cameras in MATLAB.

Updates also include enhanced code generation capabilities for MATLAB and Simulink products.

Explore the new capabilities in R2015a, and download the latest versions of your products now.