CPU, FPGA, and I/O Solutions for Real-Time Simulation and Testing with Simulink

About the Presenter

Sam Mirsky (MathWorks)

Sam Mirsky is an Application Engineer at MathWorks focused on real-time simulation and testing. Before joining The MathWorks, Sam worked for 14 years in the aerospace industry where he was involved in Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of guidance, navigation, and control systems, including real-time, closed-loop simulation incorporating sensors such as GPS, accelerometers, gyros, and autopilots.

Martin Stoller (Speedgoat)

Martin Stoller is the CEO at Speedgoat, working on technology and business development. Martin has more than ten years of real-time simulation and testing experience across various applications and industries. Before joining Speedgoat in 2007, Martin worked for seven years at MathWorks in Marketing.

Recorded: 18 Mar 2020