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Alberto Cuadra Lara

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Pre-doctoral researcher in Fluid Mechanics

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Python, MATLAB
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plot is showing blank
Hello Kundan, Some comments: H1, I could not find the value in the paper. See Ref 22. and verify the value. R_T is the para...

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plot is showing blank
Hello again Kundan, I have to go and couldn't find the exact error. Some comments: Check the value of the constants and unit...

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Insert Mathlab figure in Latex
Hello Telema, It appears that the Latex compiler you are using could not find the file. Usually empty spaces give errors. Try r...

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Save app designer UITree to .mat file?
Hello Rod, maybe this small app can help you. This code creates an GUI that contains initially a UITree component with different...

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What do I have to fix the plot to make it work?
As @Sulaymon Eshkabilov has said, the formulation has some kind of typo. Check the definition of mu first, e.g., is the last ter...

2 maanden ago | 1

How can I define a foor loop in which there is a bootci function?
I have not checked all the code, but that error is because you are not declaring the inputs well. Use { } inside bottci function...

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Find matches without repetition from two cell arrays + extra condition
Hello, In order to reduce the size of a matrix I need to find all the elements of the periodic table (patterns - cell 1) of all...

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