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Professional Interests: Simulink, Auto code generation, testing, test coverage analysis, M-Script programming, Automotive Embedded


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Alternative to 'eval', 'evalc','feval' etc functions in the Cody solutions
Why cody does not allow 'eval', 'evalc','feval' etc functions in the solutions? What is alternative to these functions? e.g. ...

bijna 9 jaar ago | 1 answer | 0



Has anybody tried the MATLAB certification by BrainMeasures?
Thanks Janam. May I know, if we need to have the MATLAB installed with all required toolboxes to attempt the exam designed by Br...

bijna 9 jaar ago | 0


Has anybody tried the MATLAB certification by BrainMeasures?
Recently I found MATLAB certification provided by Has anybody appeared for it? ANy feedbacks on it?

bijna 9 jaar ago | 2 answers | 0



Anyone have experience with MATLAB Associate Exam?
Thanks for the information about this certification. If possible, could you please put forward some sample questions from the te...

meer dan 9 jaar ago | 1

MATLAB Associate Certification information
I also would like to know more about this exam. I called the call center and got to know like the exam will have around 50 multi...

meer dan 9 jaar ago | 0

Store data in cell arrays
You can try below code. This code will give you output as a cell whose first 2 cells will have names as "cell_array1" and "cell_...

meer dan 9 jaar ago | 0