Anyone have experience with MATLAB Associate Exam?

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Next week I'll be taking the exam administered by MathWorks to try to earn a MATLAB Associate Certification. Does anyone have experience with this exam? What should I expect? Is it multiple choice or do I have to perform various tasks in MATLAB? How can I assure I'll be prepared? I'm mostly a beginner, but I've taken the online MATLAB Fundamentals Training course.
Shruti Padgaonkar
Shruti Padgaonkar on 18 Mar 2020
I am in the same situation today, I have completed the Fundamentals Course and am planning to give the Associate Exam. The course sets the tone for the basics of Matlab - however if you already have had some experience in programming the later chapters will show some similarities in syntax.
There are practice questions available online and I found them particularly helpful in applying the theory that is learnt in the course. It has also been mentioned in the forums that the questions found in Fundamentals course are similar to ones tested in the exam - if anyone can confirm this it would be helpful!

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 21 Sep 2012
Haven't taken it, but if I was to, here's how I would prepare:
  • Play CODY
  • Answer HG questions here (since CODY doesn't prep for HG)
Rik on 14 Mar 2021
@Anirudh Talluri If you click on the arrow next to 'MATLAB Central' it is the 4th option. It will also be the top result on Google.
Cody is a coding challenge platform.

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Clark on 29 Sep 2012
I haven't gotten results from this exam yet, but it was my perception that doing Cody problems isn't necessary at all. If you've taken the MATLAB fundamentals course (I took the online self-paced version), the exam is all straight from there. I just wasn't sure if I would require a ton of practice and extrapolation on those lessons to be prepared for the exam.

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Swapnali Gujar
Swapnali Gujar on 22 Aug 2013
Thanks for the information about this certification. If possible, could you please put forward some sample questions from the test? I am preparing for the exam using MATLAB help that comes along with the matlab installation, and I am preparing according to the topic that they have listed as a syllabus for this exam on mathworks website. Will that be sufficient ? I am also solving problems on Cody here as a practice.

Leo S
Leo S on 9 Nov 2020
I took the exam recently and did not pass.
I did learn by doing the Fundamentals and Onramp Courses twice, as well as doing the "Programming Techniques" and "Visualization" courses. Furthermore, I created Screenshots all the way into all courses and examined the PDFs seperately. I also used them to create mindmaps in order to gain a comprehensive view of all different data types and their uses.
I found that the exam did not have much to do with the Fundamentals course. I saw people writing, that the problems were literally the same as in the Fundamentals course and this is not true. ZERO questions from the Fundamentals course were in my test. There were some problems, which could be solved by using knowledge obtained from the Fundamentals course, but in my estimate, it could only carry you through ~30 % of the test. The test included commands, which were not introduced in the Fundamentals course and weird special cases of using "surf" for example (very weird vector compositions, not at all how it was introduced). You will also only get a "failed" notification and no feedback at all. So you don't even have an idea of how to improve.
I started CODY today and it is fun and will certainly teach you well, but it doesn't adress anything in the direction of questions from the MATLAB test, so I will not continue with it for preparation. I will certainly do the test again and I am determined to pass this time around. My recommendation: do not underestimate it and really try to apply the MATLAB commands on very weird cases/ "test the limits" of the commands

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Manuel Cornejo Muñoz
Manuel Cornejo Muñoz on 1 Nov 2019
Hi everyone
Is it possible/advisable to go directly to MATLAB certified professional exam?

Dina Yagodich
Dina Yagodich on 3 Nov 2019
No, I believe you must take the Associate first. From their site:
  • Certified MATLAB Associate credential
The following training courses cover all the information needed to obtain the Certified MATLAB Professional credential:


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