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Demonstration of the gradient descent optimization algorithm with a fixed step size.

This function converts a MATLAB(R) table into a .tex file, using LaTeX formatting.

A bearable and vectorized implementation of Sample Entropy (SampEn).

imshow3Dfull displays 3D images slice by slice in 3 orthogonal views, with mouse control

tries k-means over different number of clusters

point to line distance


by Rik

calculate the distance between a 2D or 3D line and one or more points

Efficiently performs separable operations (e.g., sum, mean,prod, min, max,...) on array sub-blocks

Convert a triangulated mesh into a voxel volume



by Yi-Wen Chen

Plot Audio Wave

Plot signal fft norm and phase versus frequency and signal versus time. Several options allows to customize the display

Efficiently computing values of permutation entropy from 1D time series in sliding windows



by Rik

find for 3D or ND

Calculates the modal parameters and response of multi-degree of freedom linear system subjected to dynamic forces.

Here's a code to plot the characteristic IV curve of PV.

Design of boost converter based on maximum power point resistance for photovoltaic applications.

Quickly zoom & scroll through your signal. Apply digital filter and adapt it on the fly, via GUI


version 4.0

by Allen

Creates draggable data tips with custom labeling options on most 2-D plots. Custom labels options can also be applied to standard data tips.

Make A Song


by Yi-Wen Chen

Using Fundamental Frequency to play twinkle twinkle little star

Let you evaluate the image segmentation quality scores, such TP, FP, TN, FN, Accuracy, Sensitivity, Precision, MCC, Dice, Jaccard

MDF Import Tool and Function - with resampling/interpol​ation - Updated for Matlab 2017

Restricted smoothing of a triangulated surface

The classic dual n-back task implemented in Matlab; includes position, sound, and color options.

Change the fontsize and other text properties in a msgbox(), errordlg(), warndlg() etc.

MSEED vectorised reading routine

Arranging the following blocktype (inports, outports ,from-goto blocks , terminator) connected to Subsystem.

This version of GUI gives users the ability to compute PSNR and MSSIM of different types of images, after flexibly corrupt them with noises.

Elastic plastic model in 3D problems

A MATLAB game simulating a spaceship landing on the moon.

Computes integration of discrete time-signal in frequency domain

Insert rows into a matrix at specific locations



by Tom R

Round a vector of values towards a given vector of choices.

Generates C# interface for a c++ DLL generated by the Matlab Coder

Computes sunrise and sunset times from any geographical location on Earth.

Simple FFT analyzer which is able to estimate various spectral representation of discrete signals.

Computes estimated values of Lyapunov exponent of logistic map for r within the interval (3.5,4)

Build application layout with responsive graphical user interface.

Draw line manually over plot and retrieve coordinates


version 3.1

by gopi

Read PEER ground motion

Convert numbers to engineering notation strings, or optionally using SI-prefixes instead

Draw multiple boundaries of segmented results on the original image

Locate starting point of signal in time series. e.g., pulse signal in real-time monitoring.

Read compressed or uncompressed monochrome NorPix image sequence in MATLAB. This script can read all frames or a set reading window.

this calculator perform opertaion of scientific calculator and we also plot the graph of basic function in this calculator.

Applies a function to the specified dimensions of a matrix

Plots the Moody chart.

Calculates Pearson correlation allowing for nan values.

Generates global stiffness matrix from elements stiffness matrices in a fast way


version 3.0.01

by Jos (10584)

pseudorandom integers from a specified discrete distribution



by Adam Danz

Quickly increase/decrease the font size of all text in a figure by a chosen factor.

An alternative to MATLAB's dummyvar command for creating ONE HOT ENCODING of categorical data in a table

This work is an improved version of the work done by Marc Lalancette, 2014-02-04.

This function sends messages to emails and/or cell phones (from a Gmail account)

This function fits a polynomial splines of order m to a given data (x,y). it is valid for one dimension only.

Pastes all figures to Microsoft word automatically using ActiveX

This function plots a workspace for a planar n-DOF revolute or prismatic given DH parameters and the constraints of all variables.


version 1.0.0

by Rik

Create a Bland-Altman plot and return a struct with results and handles.

CondEn.m computes efficiently conditional entropy of ordinal patterns from 1D time series.

Fast calculation of robust permutation entropy from 1D time series in sliding windows

vecrast is a function that allows to save a figure with mixed vector and raster content

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