Problem 680. Hack not this Test Suite you will

Another Hack 10000 Challenge.

I am thinking of an integer between 1 and 10000.

Return a value between 1 and 10000.

I may select my number before or after your selection and will not use your number in any way if it is selected first. If I select first I may throw out my first roll and use my second. I will not roll three times.

I may randomize the random seed,rng (20-25), before both our numbers are selected but not between number selections. I may skip randomizing in a test suite. The first test suite does not change rng.

Warning: Foiling with isequal will lead to dire consequences. Kudos to Qi.

This problem can be made impossible if rng(2^32) is used and I select first as there are then multiple solutions.


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Last Solution submitted on Nov 21, 2017

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