Problem 551. Have you seen any Spindromes recently?

  • Never been to the dwarf planet makemake yet?
  • Assume a new unexplored planet has several moons spinning around it,
  • all on a flat circular orbit and equally spaced,
  • and represented by a sequence of letters such as 'm a k e m a k e'
  • or simply 'makemake'.
  • Another example of a sequence of spinning moons could be '0 3 4 6 4 9'
  • or simply '034649'.
  • Notice that some moons may have same names.
  • Assuming that such a sequence could also be called a spindrome if the spinning moons of same names can be distinguishable from each other by the neighbors.
  • Otherwise that sequence is not a spindrome.
  • The sequence 'makemake' is not a spindrome.
  • The sequence '034649' is a spindrome.
  • Please detect if the given sequence is a spindrome.

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