Which files do I need to download when installing MATLAB from downloads?

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I have downloaded the installation files from mathworks.com but I am not sure if I have everything I need. I would like to know which files I need to install MATLAB.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 30 Dec 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 30 Dec 2021
For MATLAB R2014a and above you only need to download the MATLAB Installer. The file is named matlab_<release>_<arch>_installer.zip (where <release> corresponds to the MATLAB release and <arch> represents the OS and architecture, in Windows it can be downloaded as .exe file). The program itself will download the required installation files using the option "Log in with a Mathworks account".
For previous versions of MATLAB:
In order to install products from downloads, you will need the following files:
- The installer executable or compressed file
- The MATLAB product file(s) (unless MATLAB is already installed)
- If applicable, the MATLAB toolbox and/or Simulink Blockset file(s)
NOTE: For some downloads there may be more than one file listed for each product. In that case, you will need BOTH files in order to install the product.
For MATLAB R2010b and above, each product comes with a "common" file and an architecture specific file (win32, win64, glnx86, glnxa64, maci64). Both the "common" file and the architecture specific file MUST be downloaded in order to install properly. The installer will be matlab_<release>_<arch>_installer.zip or matlab_<release>_<arch>_installer.exe. For example: matlab_R2010b_glnx86_installer.zip.
Each downloaded file comes as a .zip file. These files should never be extracted. The only exception is the installer archive when downloading on Linux or Mac OS X.
For R2010b, there may be Japanese documentation files available. If you don't want Japanese documentation, these files can be skipped.
For information on prior versions, see below:
For Windows, the installer will be bundled as an installer.exe. Each product has its own .zip file. Again, the .zip files should not be manually extracted. An example of common files that will be downloaded are the following:
On Linux, Solaris, and Mac, each product has a <toolbox_name>.common file and a <toolbox_name> .<architecture> file unless otherwise noted. <toolbox_name> is specific to that particular MATLAB product and <architecture> is the operating system this file is for, e.g. ".maci" for Intel Mac, ".glnx86" for 32-bit Linux, "glnxa64" for 64-bit Linux, ".sol64" for Solaris.
The installer will be packaged in a .tar file. This file will be called boot.ftp (older versions) or matlab_installer.tar.
For the MATLAB student versions, the multiple files will be packaged in a single .tar file. For example, stu_matlab_maci.tar. This .tar should not be extracted and should be located in the same folder as the installer.
For more information on how to install with these files, please refer to our installation guide:
If you are unable to download the appropriate files above, contact the Installation and Licensing Team by creating a Service Request here:

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