How to access axis' secondary label (power of ten)?

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I was wondering how one can access/control the secondary axis labels that display the power of ten and that are generated when axis limits are larger than round about 10^5. I'm not really sure how they're called so here's a picture of what I mean:
The reason why I ask is because I would like to have axis labelling in engeneering notation, i.e. only powers of ten that divide by 3 (10^3, 10^6, 10^9, etc.).
I read in Yair Altman's blog that with HG2 this part of the axes is accessible via the axes' YRuler.SecondaryLabel property. Does anyone know of a way to control it within HG1?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 4 Sep 2013
Just as an alternative ...
I often divide my plotted values by the appropriate power of 10 [e.g. plot(x/1e3,y/1e6)] and then notate that in the label
xlabel('Awesomeness [thousands]')
ylabel('Coolness [millions]')
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Stephan Heise
Stephan Heise on 9 Sep 2013
Thanks for the suggestion! I've also sometimes done that dividing work-around; but I just wondered whether there's a possibility to directly influence the (automatic) tick label format. :)

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Jan on 9 Sep 2013
A good question. Sometimes these secondary tick labels do not disappear when the tick-labels are removed or changed.
I've tried a lot, but did not find a method to access these labels, neither with documented nor undocumented methods.

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