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Ali Ece
Ali Ece on 26 May 2021
Commented: Rena Berman on 29 Jun 2021
' Write a function called threshold that determines the number of terms required for the sum
In other words, your output arguments are terms that gives the number of n required for
sum to exceed a limit; and total that gives that sum.'

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Accepted Answer

Torsten on 26 May 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 26 May 2021
function [n,summa] = threshold(limit)
summa = 0;
n = 0;
while summa <= limit
n = n+1;
summa = summa + 5*n^2 - 2*n;

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Nikita Agrawal
Nikita Agrawal on 26 May 2021
function [number_of_terms] = threshold(limit)
T = 0;
while T < limit
T = T + 5*k*k-2*k;
k = k+1;

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