How to extract a frame every 10 s from the video ?

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I have a video which runs for 30 minutes at the rate of 60 fps. I need to extract the frame every 10 second. For example: 10s(600th frame),20s(1200th frame),30s(1800th frame) so on..... I looked through the internet I can get the info about how to read, write video and extract frame but did not get the info about exactly what I am looking for. Your help will be appreciated!

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Stephan on 21 Apr 2021
Edited: Stephan on 21 Apr 2021
In your case the interval to take the first frame after 10 seconds would be:
v = VideoReader('YOUR_FILENAME.mp4');
frames = read(v,[600:600:end]);
The result is a 4D-Array which is the first 3 dimensions having the video frame and the 4th dimension is the time - here 10 seconds

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