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How to obtain acceleration and angular velocity control inputs to track a fixed-wing UAV trajectory?

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I want to track a given trajectory for a fixed-wing UAV. This example from UAV toolbox does the exact task, but I am not able to understand what are it's control inputs (u). Can someone please explain how can I obtain these control inputs or is there any other way to get the tracking done in a simple manner and obtain the acceleration and angular velocity inputs?

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Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 10 Mar 2021
Hi Shubham,
You can check the exampleHelperUAVDerivatives.m file in the example you referred to. This file should be in the same folder you had the example mlx file.
You can also check the reference page for more details on the fixed wing kinematic model we used in the example and check the example for a Simulink implementation of a similar controller.
Shubham Kalpande
Shubham Kalpande on 28 Mar 2021
The link does not seem to work as it says the page doesn' t exist. Anyway, Thank you for all the help Jianxin. Your inputs have been crucial in developing the understanding of my problem.

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