How to remove rows or Cols in MATLAB?

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Ronak on 22 Feb 2021
Commented: Ronak on 22 Feb 2021
I have a Matrix (A) of dimension 501*502*38. How can I make it 501*502*37?

Answers (2)

M.B on 22 Feb 2021
Let A be your matrix. You can remove the last 2D matrix like this:
A(:, :, 38) = [];
Replace "38" by the index of the 2D matrix you want to remove.

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 22 Feb 2021
You can remove a section of an array in MATLAB by redefining the array without that specified section. For your example, of you don't want the last 'sheet' use the following:
A = A(:,:,1:end-1);
If you want to get rid of a specific sheet use the following:
s = 23; % Specific sheet number, adjust as desired
A = A(:,:,[1:s-1,s+1:end]);
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 22 Feb 2021
Mr. B's answer also works, and may be easier.
Ronak on 22 Feb 2021
Thank you so much! It was really helpful.

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