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How do I integrate two columns of discrete data?i need do operations between the data

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xiaoqian chang
xiaoqian chang on 3 Feb 2021
Commented: xiaoqian chang on 5 Feb 2021
HERE are two columns discrete data,the frequency is 20Hz,i need integrate them, the equation is
i try to write some codes,but i don't know it is right or not. Can someone help me check it??
but the discrete data should use the 'trap' function, how can i modify the code?
[str,pathname]=uigetfile('*.csv') ;
n=length(xy);% data length
for i=1:n % step=1
% F=x/y*(x+y);
p=sum(x(i)/y(i)*(x(i)+y(i)))/20;% frenquency=20

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 3 Feb 2021
for i=1:n % step=1
% F=x/y*(x+y);
p(i)=(x(i)/y(i)*(x(i)+y(i)))/20;% frenquency=20
P = sum(p); % use sum outside of loop
Use sum outside of loop
xiaoqian chang
xiaoqian chang on 5 Feb 2021
I found the error that x<y was not always true,I changed some code about that,so I think I get the right answer ,thanks a lot !!

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