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Error using tiledlayout syntax instead of subplot when referencing axes handles

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Hello, I am trying to use the newer tiledlayout feature rather than subplots as I want to adjust the padding round each subplot. However, I have functions that require an axes handle (ax1, ax2).
Normally I do this: (and it works fine):
myImshow1(app,IM,n, ax1); %my own imshow function
myImshow1(app,IM2,n, ax2);
I've tried using tilelayout syntax:
myImshow1(app,IM,n, ax1)
nexttile(t); ax2=gca;
myImshow1(app,IM2,n, ax2);
But it complains

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 21 Jan 2021
Be very careful about using gca, gcf, etc. in your code. I generally only use those when I'm experimenting in the Command Window.
Instead, call nexttile with an output argument. From its documentation page "ax = nexttile(___) returns the axes object." You can use the "Set Properties on the Axes" example on that documentation page as a model for your code, as it does something very similar to what you're trying to do.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 22 Jan 2021
Here's the example from the documentation page that I mentioned. I've added a few comments.
t = tiledlayout(2,1);
% First tile
ax1 = nexttile;
% You could specify ax1 as an input prior to [1 2 3 4 5] if you wanted
% to make it explicit that you were plotting into that tile.
plot([1 2 3 4 5],[11 6 10 4 18]);
ax1.XColor = [1 0 0];
ax1.YColor = 'k'; % Let's make/leave this black
% Second tile
ax2 = nexttile;
plot(ax2, [1 2 3 4 5],[5 1 12 9 2],'o'); % Here I added ax2 in the call
ax2.XColor = [0 0 1]; % Make this blue to distinguish it from ax1
ax2.YColor = [1 0 0];
Now if I wanted to, I could use ax1 or ax2 to manipulate those axes, add more stuff to those axes, etc.
text(ax1, 2.5, 12, ". This is (2.5, 12) in ax1")
If you're going to create a lot of these axes and keep their handles around, rather than using numbered variables you might want to store them in an array.
AX = gobjects(2, 1);
AX(1) = ax1;
AX(2) = ax2
AX =
2×1 Axes array: Axes Axes

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dpb on 21 Jan 2021
tiledplot is only able to put one axes object per tile, sorry. Another user wanted two y-axes just yesterday...
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Jason on 22 Jan 2021
So how do you get the appropriate 'Parent' axis handle to be able to pass to e.g. Imshow (in appdesigner)

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