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load the data for displaying

Asked by FIR
on 29 Jan 2013
I have a dataset of MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database
i want to load the data and display the ECG signal,I tried using laod command but error message is displayed
please assist


on 29 Jan 2013
No actually i want to load and display it
on 29 Jan 2013
Then you need to know how the database is organized and transform the binary data to import it to Matlab. That's an awful lot of work I'm afraid. Alternatively, you could install the database, as suggested, and then find a way to transfer that to Matlab. Still some work would be needed.
This is not going to happen automagically.
Alternatively, someone may have already dealt with this problem. So I would suggest you look in the File Exchange, or ask others in your lab/uni/place of work, or contact the people that generated the data.
on 29 Jan 2013
@FIR: Obviously the files are not written in Matlab's MAT file format. Therefore LOAD must fail. The authors of the cited papers and of the program have detailed knowledge about the used format, so it is most efficient to ask them at first.
You have asked over 200 questions now in this forum. I'd expect, that you have learned to read your own question before submitting and ask yourself, if any other reader who is not involved in your work has any chance to create an answer.


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