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Display checkmark string in figure

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I'm trying to use the text() function to display a checkmark in a figure. I can't seem to figure it out. I've basically tried:
It doesn't display anything using this command. Help!

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 14 Jan 2013
First set your system to display UTF-8 encoded characters:
Then plot it (look for UTF-8 characters for other types of check marks):
uicontrol('Style','text', 'String',char(hex2dec('2713')), ...
'Units','normalized', 'Position',[0 0 1 1], ...
I don't know if it is possible to do with text()
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Justin Solomon
Justin Solomon on 14 Jan 2013
Thanks, doesn't seem to work with text() but I got it to work with uicontrol().

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Thorsten on 14 Jan 2013
try a different text
text(x, y, 'ok')
and make sure that x and y are within the bounds of your figure
Justin Solomon
Justin Solomon on 14 Jan 2013
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and my x,y are within the bounds. It just doesn't like the ✓ character it seems. I think I may just use * instead and avoid the trouble.
Bilal qureshi
Bilal qureshi on 30 Jun 2018
its not working and how to make Cross like 'X' ??

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