32bit Windows 8gb RAM with Ramdisk > Out of Memory in parfor

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I get an error message of "out of memory" when broadcasting a large data set into a parfor pool of workers, even though I have 8gb of RAM in a Win32 (7) machine with Ramdisk for memory addressing. But I suspect the 8gb isn't being used completely and there are things I can do to much improve this.
Would using Win64bit solve this? Or what are the things I can do?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 11 Jan 2013
Would using 64bit solve this: Probably. In 32 bits your variables can't be larger than around 4GB.
What other things can you do: Make your code more memory-efficient.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 11 Jan 2013
Go to a 64-bit operating system and optimize there. If you have a system that accepts 8 GB of RAM, it's likely that all you need to do is reinstall the OS.


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