dsolve second order differential equation

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esat gulhan
esat gulhan on 11 Apr 2020
Commented: esat gulhan on 11 Apr 2020
I am working on second order diferantial question,
y(0)=0 , y(585.8)=150,
My code is below
syms y(x)
eqn = diff(y,x,2) == 0.00087422358746158224444900076826769;
Dy = diff(y,x);
cond = [y(0)==0, y(585.8)==150];
ySol(x) = dsolve(eqn,cond)
I want to find Dy at 585.8, but i cant find solution
it gives, D(y)(2929/5) but it is useless
how can i find Dy(585.8),

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