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Getting waveform by using UART on Raspberry Pi and ADC on Ti F28335

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I am using Serial communication UART on Raspberry Pi to get waveform from ADC of Ti F28335 bacause there is no ADC on Raspberry Pi.
The results is shown below, in which, the middle one is correct waveform but the other two with spikes are wrong (they are supposed to be similar).
The ADC sampling frequency is from 1KHz-10KHz and UART is a bit larger than that.

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Pranav Murali
Pranav Murali on 27 Mar 2020
Edited: Pranav Murali on 27 Mar 2020
I see that your waveforms from the ADC aren’t similar as they are supposed to. Since they sampling frequencies are different, If you are using Simulink, you will be needing a Rate Transition block which will ensure there is no loss or corruption of data. In MATLAB, make sure your sampling frequency is higher than the UART frequency.


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