convert a Python tuple containing string and numerical data types to Matlab

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How do I convert the following tuple in python and save it to a "test.mat" file so that I can load and read it in Matlab:
py_tuple = [('cars', 'gm', [['red', 10],['black', 15]]),
('cars', 'ford', ['green',5]),
('cars', 'honda', [])]

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 11 Mar 2020
You can either save the data as
1)Python tuple itself in .mat file. For that you have to create a variable of type “py.tuple()” in MATLAB. For more information refer:
myTuple = py.tuple({'red',10});
myTuple2 = py.tuple({'cars','gm',tuple});
2) Create a cell array with the same elements and store and load it from a mat file. As cell also supports different data types like tuples to be stored. For creating a cell array refer below:

Al Danial
Al Danial on 20 Apr 2022
The SciPy module has a function, savemat, which can write Python variables to MATLAB .m files. Your tuple can be written to test.mat with
from import savemat
py_tuple = [('cars', 'gm', [['red', 10],['black', 15]]),
('cars', 'ford', ['green',5]),
('cars', 'honda', [])]
M = { 'py_tuple' : py_tuple }
savemat('test.mat', M)
Loading test.mat in MATLAB gives
>> t = load('test.mat');
>> t.py_tuple
ans =
3×3 cell array
{'cars'} {'gm' } {2×2×21 char }
{'cars'} {'ford' } {2×21 char }
{'cars'} {'honda'} {0×0 double}
Section 7.14 of Python for MATLAB Development covers reading and writing .mat files to/from Python in detail.

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