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How to improve ROS subscriber and publisher rate in Simulink

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I have three Subsriber-Publisher pairs in my simulink program. I noticed each Subsriber-Publiser pair took around at least 5 ms (much slower than I expected) processing time. So, it requries at least 15 ms for proicessing just the subscribing and publishing tasks with three Subsriber-Publiser pairs. This make my Simulink imposible to run at 100 Hz (I have real-time pacer on). Is there a way to work around this?

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Pranav Murali
Pranav Murali on 20 Mar 2020
Hi Zi,
I see that you are creating three publisher-subscriber pairs on ROS and they take more time to process than the desired working time of the model. Generally, it shouldn’t take that long. To analyze what is causing the delay, I’ll require more information. If possible, please share your model or provide information regarding the message types, topics and any other processing block/s being used.


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