Why does this issue with XLSWRITE occurs?

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Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 6 Nov 2019
Commented: Bob Thompson on 7 Nov 2019
Dear all,
I had gotten this error message the odd in it is that previously it worked properly, but after some usage it is not working any longer:
Error using xlswrite (line 224)
The file
is not writable. It might be locked by another process.
Error in Ana_WE_home_v2 (line 98)
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 7 Nov 2019
xlswrite requires the ability for Matlab to be able to open, edit, and close an excel file. As with any MS Office application, if the file is already open then it is locked for editing by a second access attempt, and the Matlab command balks at this. I have learned that there are often processes still holding files 'open' even if their windows aren't visible. Restarting the PC forces those processes to close the applications, which is what allows it to start working again.

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