Why do I see "invalid installer" when attempting to install MATLAB Compiler Runtime?

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Why do I see "The file is not a valid MATLAB Runtime installer for this version of MATLAB" when attempting to install MATLAB Compiler Runtime?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Jan 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 6 Jan 2020
This issue can occur if you are using a different release or update version of MATLAB when compiling the application. Users receiving the Application will not have this issue. When using MATLAB Compiler Runtime the release of MATLAB and the update version must be the same.
The release and update version can be specified in the URL. To obtain an earlier update version of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime:
  1. Navigate to the MATLAB Compiler Runtime page - https://www.mathworks.com/products/compiler/matlab-runtime.html
  2. Right-click on the R20XXx 64-bit link under the appropriate OS and select "Copy Link Address"
  3. Copy the address into a web browser and then replace the existing update number/release with the desired update/release in both places of the web address. For example:
This should allow you to download the specific update version.
This will automatically start the download process for the specified Compiler Runtime version.

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Qun HAN on 5 Jun 2020
I've found an easier way. In Command Window, run compiler.runtime.download. Then Ctrl+C. You will found the right URL at the end of the error message.
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Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez on 20 Feb 2021
This solved my headache. I was evaluating Simulink Compiler as part of a MATLAB 2020b trial that I installed on Linux in early 2021. So, I expected it to want update 4, but it said that was invalid, so I also tried update 3, which it also said was invalid. When I ran compiler.runtime.download, MATLAB revealed that it wanted
I'm guessing it didn't want an update because I installed from a previously downloaded ISO, though maybe it's because it's a trial.

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Qun HAN on 5 Jun 2020
One further Question:
Does the user need to install the matched version of MCR to run the complied APP?


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