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Numerical Integration of function with many parameters

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Hi, I've been trying to do this code on matlab but keep getting error.
I want to integrate this function fun= @(t,Mycp,L,r)Mycp*L*exp(-r*t) with n= integral(@(t)fun(t,Mycp,L,r),0,100).
The interval t=[0 100]
The parameters are Mycp=[0 10], L=1,r=0.03,
Please help!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Jun 2019
Use the 'ArrayValued' (link) name-value pair:
Mycp = [0 10];
L = 1;
r = 0.03;
fun = @(t,Mycp,L,r)Mycp*L*exp(-r*t);
n = integral(@(t)fun(t,Mycp,L,r),0,100, 'ArrayValued',1)
n =
0 316.737643877379

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