How do i fit parameters to multiple data set using an equation?

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Dear all,
I have a question regarding the fitting of an equation to multiple data set for two parameters. My data is like:
t = [0,60,600,3600,10800];
x= [150,125,110,103,100];
The equation containing the parameter is
I need to find the single value of a and b that provide the best fit for t vs (x1, x2, x3)
Its a basic question but i am still a newbie. Many thanks in advance for your reposnses.
fadzhi on 8 Apr 2019
Many thanks for the comment. I have access to curve fitting tool box but there i can also take one data set not multiple. is it possible to take multiple data sets in curve fitting tool box?
Torsten on 8 Apr 2019
Edited: Torsten on 8 Apr 2019
t = [0,60,600,3600,10800;0,60,600,3600,10800;0,60,600,3600,10800];
x = [150,125,110,103,100;150,118,108,102,98;150,112,85,60,55];
But I don't understand why there is no t in your equation containing the prarameters. Doesn't seem to make too much sense.

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