Bearing model for vibration analysis

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David López de la Cruz
David López de la Cruz on 6 Mar 2019
Edited: Lynn Crevier on 13 Jun 2022
Hello, I'm developing a project for my master's degree and I'm working with mechanical models for my research and I have a question:
Is there a bearing model whose vibrations can be obtained knowing the speed of the axis that rests on it?
Thanks for all.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Mar 2019
You can find a model of a ball bearing in the Simscape Multibody Contact Forces Library.
  1. Download the submission
  2. Run startup_Contact_Forces.m
  3. Navigate to the ball bearing example (see below)
홍주 배
홍주 배 on 24 Aug 2020
I have download this model but is there any way to aply fault for beating?

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Jocie Kluger
Jocie Kluger on 11 Nov 2019
Another approach could be to set bearing stiffness and damping as functions of rotor speed or constants in the Driveline Flexible Shaft block:
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Lynn Crevier
Lynn Crevier on 13 Jun 2022
Edited: Lynn Crevier on 13 Jun 2022
Great example
Shaft with Torsional and Transverse Flexibility

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